Is your Toyota ready for winter?

During these chilly months, the cold temperature, snow and ice can cause problems if you are not prepared. Our Winter Health Check will help you to avoid some of the most common causes of winter road accidents.

Our expert technicians will check your car over and make sure it's ready for winter, for just £19.95.

Your 50 point Winter Health Check includes a fluid levels check and top-up. We will also check your tyres, exterior lights, battery, windscreen and wipers.

Fluid Check & Top-up
We check all your fluid levels and top-up anything that's running a bit low (and that includes coffee for you).

Tyre Check
Our experts check for signs of damage, uneven wear and depth of tread - and it's really important we do this (no pressure then).

Exterior Light Check
From your headlights to those little lights on the registration plate, we check every single one (what a bright idea).

Battery Check
It's always a good idea to make sure your battery is working perfectly, especially in the cold (but don't worry, we hardly charge). 

Screen & Wipers Check
In the cold, a tiny chip can quickly turn into a large crack, so we'll check your windscreen for any damage (clearly a good thing).

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