Welcome to the team, Rachael Roberts

We are delighted to welcome Rachael Roberts to the team at Lindop Toyota, in her new role as Customer Relationship Manager.

Some of you might have spoken with Rachael on the phone already, as she is contacting customers to offer a review of their current car.

Rachael's role is to check that our customers are happy with their car and to ensure that it still suitable for their needs.

Used car prices are extremely strong at the moment, so many customers are finding that they are able to change to a brand new car sooner than they thought. Rachael is happy to help identify these opportunities and to arrange an appointment with our sales team to discuss options.

We caught up with Rachael, between calls, to ask about her background and what she enjoys doing in her spare time.

What did you do prior to joining the team at Lindop Toyota?

I’ve come from a financial services background specialising in complaint management and customer relationships, working on contracts with some of the leading banks for seven years. I specialised in credit card fraud and disputes and later worked on the PPI project focusing on assisting vulnerable customers.


What do you enjoy about your new role?

I enjoy being able to speak to people directly and working closely with the sales team to ensure we are going the extra mile for every customer. I’m loving the fast paced sales environment which is a refreshing change. 


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

When I’m not at the desk you’ll probably find me hiking in Snowdonia. I run a charity to help people get outdoors with the intention of supporting their mental health, raising money for safety equipment and am currently training for my Mountain Leader assessment so I can lead group charity events. 


Do you have any pets/hobbies?

I enjoy photography which goes hand in hand with my love of hiking and have recently taken up paddleboarding – still yet to master standing up though!

Welcome to the team, Rachael!